“Nettipattam” ( Elephant Caparison)


Nettipattam is a Kerala traditional item.Which is used to decorate elephant in the time of Poorams and festivals . Nettipattam is a glittering ornament that adorns the forehead of an elephant. The gold color of the Nettipattam makes it an eye-catching item during the festivals of Kerala.

Earlier, Nettipattam was only used during festivals.Today, it is available as wall hangings in different sizes.
People believe that the caparison brings prosperity and peace as it represents the Hindu gods in entirety.
The Nettipattam is now available in Fiber also only for wall decorations . This will look like the original Caparison but the metal will be Fiber.

This Fiber Nettipattam is also less weight than the original one.
The Trendy nettipattam is made in quality plastic and the color will not be faded.
Various Sizes will available, Price On Request
To place order whatsapp on 9495103679

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